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Photographer: Hayley Yourk

Doulas & Caregivers


Photographer: Hayley Yourk

Doulas are considered valuable members of the maternity care team. They are recognized for their important contribution to the improved physical outcomes and emotional well-being of birthing people and infants. 

They are found in many settings. In British Columbia, the South Community Birth Program includes doulas who are paid alongside doctors, midwives and nurses as part of a very successful pilot project. In Alberta, we see doulas in Labour & Delivery rooms, in the hospitals teaching prenatal education, in fertility clinics, in yoga studios and in a number of other practices. 

Doulas believe in teamwork. We work in cooperation with doctors, nurses, midwives, researchers and the partners and families of labouring people. We have a holistic approach to care and most often desire to build bridges. 

As Doula Association of Edmonton doulas, we abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice which delineate our scope of practice, skills and boundaries. 

If at any time a doula is found to practice outside of scope, the Association asks caregivers and families to communicate directly with that doula. We also encourage the individuals to send a letter to the certifying agent of the doula (if they are certified). This letter should describe the events, with contact information, names, dates and any other relevant details. 

The Doula Association of Edmonton is not a certifying agency. It cannot suspend a doula's practice. DAE strongly encourages anyone who is concerned about a doula to contact the doula's certifying body. If you don't know where your doula was certified, DAE can help you with this. Some issues end up being a misunderstanding and DAE is willing to help in the process of clarifying a situation. DAE understands that the dissatisfaction of one professional can affect the doula community as a whole. However, DAE believes that the actions of one DAE doula do not reflect on the Association as a whole. 

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