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Photographer: Shauna-lee Young

Doula: Corrie Fraser

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Photographer: Heather Hill

The Doula Association of Edmonton was created by doulas for doulas. We strive to be a supportive network for newly trained or senior doulas. Together we learn from each other, we support each other and we work towards advancing and promoting labour and postpartum support as an option for childbearing families in the Edmonton area. We wish to see our doula community grow over the years and we hope that you can call the Doula Association of Edmonton home. 

What isn't the Doula Association of Edmonton?
The Doula Association of Edmonton is not a certifying organization and is not associated with any particular certifying organizations. DAE does not promote any particular path to becoming a doula over another. 

What are the benefits of joining DAE? 
DAE is for doulas from all different backgrounds that are looking to join together for community, support and education. 

  • Community - connect with other doulas in your area. 

  • Support - share your experiences with others. 

  • Continuing education - learn more from a wide variety of speakers in the birthing community about topics relevant to your needs and interests. 

  • Networking - meet potential mentors, backups, babysitters, job leads and friends. 

Membership Meetings 
Membership meetings are held on the last Monday of every other month from 7-9PM. Each meeting consists of introductions, reports from the executive, business, discussion topics and time for sharing experiences and socializing. Minutes are available to all members in the file section of our facebook members group. 

Educational Meetings
Educational meetings are held on the last Monday of every other month from 7-9PM. Instructors will address specific topics relating to childbearing and the postpartum period. These meetings are reserved for members only. 

Referral Lists 
Doulas who wish to provide birth or postpartum support can indicate their desire to be listed on the Doula Association Member List. You must attend a minimum of 5 meetings in a year to be listed on the website. The referral list is updated twice per year.

Facebook Group
All members are invited to join the Facebook group. This group allows members to connect with each other, be informed of events and education opportunities, debrief after a birth or ask questions to the membership about pregnancy, childbearing, postpartum and parenting. Please note that there are two groups, one for members-only and one for the wider public. 

Membership Fees are $50 per year 

DAE Equal Opportunities Sponsorship
The Doula Association of Edmonton recognizes that diversity is imperative to a thriving community of birth support professionals. In order to stand behind this stance with action, we have introduced a sponsorship program in order to ensure that every doula has the opportunity to be a member of DAE. If you are a member of the BIPOC or LGBTQIA+ community or self-identify as facing additional barriers as a birth worker, we encourage you to apply to have your membership fee covered by the DAE Equal Opportunities Sponsorship. To do so, please email with the subject line "DAE Sponsorship Application."

Become a Member

You can become a member of the Doula Association of Edmonton below. If you are unable to pay by credit card or PayPal please contact us.

Before joining, please review our Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics. You will be required to agree to these terms in order to join the association.