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Are you a family in the YEG & Area Family seeking additional support for your pregnancy journey?


The Doula Association of Edmonton (DAE) was formed in 1994 for the purpose of advancing and promoting labour support as an option of childbearing families in Alberta.

The Doula Association of Edmonton firmly believes every family deserves a doula for emotional, physical and informational support regardless of their childbirth choices. DAE is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for doulas, as well as increasing awareness to the public and healthcare community about the positive effects a doula brings to the childbirth experience. We strive to make the presence of a doula during labour, birth and the postpartum period a common occurrence. We also provide a referral service for individuals seeking the services of a doula and organize a continuing education lecture series for members.


Photographer: Hayley Yourk

Doula: Sonya Duffee


Photographer: Teresa Bolinski

Doula: April Fermaniuk

Learn more about the history of the Doula Association of Edmonton.


DAE members are a diverse group of people, many of whom have completed a  training and have obtained certification through a variety of organizations. Membership is mainly made up of doulas but there are also parents, nurses, lactation consultants, massage therapists, childbirth educators and others who share the belief that labour and postpartum support can have a positive impact on the birth experience of a birthing person and their family.


We hope that by sharing our experiences as doulas, we can continue to learn from each other and make Alberta a place where non-medical childbirth support is available to all families.


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